Simonton Reflections® Windows

Simonton Reflections windowsBuilt for energy-efficiency and durability, Simonton Reflections® windows host a variety of options that will reflect your home’s style.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional replacement window package or customized products with wood grain laminate interiors, exterior colors and distinct hardware, Simonton Reflections® marries the best of all worlds into one product line—energy-efficiency, style and long-lasting durability.

energy efficiency

Below the surface beauty of Simonton Reflections® windows and patio doors you’ll find structural integrity you can depend on. The 5500 series features insulating glass units with standard Low E/Argon-filled glass that help block harmful ultraviolet rays, while the Intercept® spacer system minimize condensation and keep your home more comfortable. All Simonton Reflections® products can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® performance levels wherever you live.

Built with low-maintenance, energy-efficient vinyl, these strong windows and doors feature fusion-welded frames that help resist air and water infiltration. And the vinyl won’t pit, peel, or flake due to weather—and will never need painting.

Each Simonton Reflections® product is custom made to fit your exact needs. That means we can vinyl windowsmake a kitchen cozier with a Bay window or bring the outdoors inside through a wall of windows. We can help express an individual’s personal style throughout the home with sculptured or flat window grids sandwiched between the glass for easy cleaning. You can even select Contemporary Oak wood grain laminate interiors that complement hardwood floors or cabinetry. Best of all, the low maintenance aspects of Simonton Reflections® windows and patio doors give you plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

The pinnacle of the Reflections line, the 5500 series is differentiated by a host of available styles, features, and the most advanced glass packages. Simonton Reflections® 5500 products feature standard window replacementLow E glass, and are available with the ultra-efficient glass packages. Decorum™ by Simonton Custom hardware, exterior colors and interior wood grain laminates are special touches unique to this upscale series.

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