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roofing Madison WIWe specialize in roofing, and we pride ourselves on being the best of the best. To ensure that our workmanship is of the highest quality, we will go the extra mile for you. Many times, that means we will take care of surprising issues for no extra cost.

You can rest assured that the roofing installation we do for you will last for years. And to secure your confidence even more, and for no additional cost, your roof installation is backed by our exclusive 20 Year Workmanship Warranty.

That means we cover everything that is involved with installing and repairing your roof. So in the event something fails that we worked on, we will come back and correct it at no cost to you. (But it does NOT cover something we did not touch.)

Cleaner Than Before

Another thing you don’t have to worry about is the clean up. We make every effort to make sure we provide you with an extremely careful clean up, sometimes better than before we began the work. Plus we use our own dumpster which will not damage your driveway.

“Hand Nail” Method

Dane County roofing contractorsAnother reason our installation is of such high quality is because we are one of the few roofing contractors left who still use the “Hand Nail” method for roofing.

What this basically means is…

  • We only use a roofing hammer to nail in each shingle
  • We do NOT use *nail guns on your roof
  • You get a much better quality finish
  • Your shingle warranty is guaranteed.


It may take longer nailing by hand but the end result speaks for it’s self and we are usually still less expensive than our competitors

*Caution: Using nail guns too low pressure or too high can cause the nail to go through the shingle or not far enough in and the manufacture would make
the shingle warranty invalid. Also when the nails have gone through or not far enough wind will displace the shingles

Superior Products

GAF-ELK, GAF ELK, RQ Roofing product

You can feel confident about the building products from which your roof will be constructed, because we only use the best materials – GAF-ELK and Owens Corning. And since every roofer is an official Factory-Certified Installer, you can have peace of mind knowing it will be done right.

What this means for you is…

  • Your roof will be a superior roofing systemRQ Roofing product Owens Corning
  • Designed for long-lasting protection
  • More durable against harsh weather
  • Backed by 30-40 warranties

Good House Keeping, RQ Roofing warranty

They even carry the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal—your assurance of exceptional quality and performance! Plus, they have been time-tested and proven on literally millions of homes nationwide.



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