“We called RQ Roofing for an estimate and Ramiro showed up the day he promised, which was just 2 days post phone call. We had an estimate in our email the next morning with a proposed date of 9 days later when they would be available to replace the roof. We were familiar with roofing costs so when we had an estimate for $7500 to replace the entire roof, with additional fees for plywood, we knew this was a very good price. We went forward with RQ roofing. Within another 2 days, we had samples dropped off to choose our shingles. Ramiro called 2 days prior and said they would like to start a day early, at 7am, if we were ok with that. Ramiro and his crew showed up at 6am and very quietly unloaded their trucks. By 6pm, they were done and the entire place was cleaned up. They were professional, respectful and very prompt. Ramiro let us know he would have to replace at least 30 sheets of plywood but was only going to charge us $20 instead of $30 per sheet as he didn’t want to go so far over his estimate. He ended up replacing 37 sheets and still only charged us for 30. He said the plywood wasn’t horrible but he wanted to do it right and he wanted it to last. Workmanship was very good. We would definitely hire them again and recommend them to others!

This is BY FAR the best company I have ever dealt with. Ramiro came over for an estimate a day or two after I contacted him. His reviews were good, and he sounded extremely confident and “to the point”. He gave me an estimate, that would replace the roof, except for any plywood needed. He said any plywood would be replaced for $20 per sheet… installed. He said to get a couple of additional estimates, and told me that many companies would charge alot more for added plywood and any additional extras. I usually have problems with any company I deal with, but felt very comfortable with Ramiro. I decided to hire him without getting any other estimates based on reputation and my initial encounter. The only thing I was worried about was Ramiro’s lack of detail in his proposal. He basically said he would replace the roof, with minimal specifications. He assured me of his concern for detail, modified the document per my specifications. He seemed pretty lax about details, by firm on quality and doing the job right. I was assured that they would “do a great job”, and “not to worry. We set up an appointment for Sat. and Sun. 9-19/20. He originally said about 7-9 guys would be working onsite. The day before, he said he would have a few extra to tackle the job quickly. He said they would show up at 7 am, and were very prompt. Within minutes of them arriving, they were all very hard at work. His crew is unbelievable, I’m sure they each do twice the work of an average roofer. My only complaint has to do with the sound created on your roof with 10-12 extremely hard working guys working. It was very disconcerting hearing the shear amount of tearing, ripiping, and hammering going on. They were unbelievable! Just imagine what 25 regular guys on your roof at the same time would sound like. They were VERY thorough. They didn’t need to “knit-pick” on every little detail that was (or wasn’t) included in the estimate. Ramiro made it very clear that they do the job with the highest quality, and kept telling me little details verifying this and that. He also kept telling me that “this is the way we do it”, and that “this is included, no extra charge”. He also told me several things they were doing that most roofers would do in a lesser way. He is very proud of his work. While telling me how much extra work/ attention/ detail he was doing, he kept assuring me that this extra attention was included in the price. I was almost starting to worry, with all the “extra’s” he kept telling me about. The entire crew was very productive, friendly, and courteous. Cutting to the point, he installed about 30 bags of insulation, about 50 duavents, replaced at least one moldy joist and completely re-installed one of my bathroom vents all for no additional charge. Everything they did appears to be very high quality. They did a lot of additional work for free, much of which I’m sure I don’t even know about. They basically were interested in replacing our roof and were only interested in doing it right. They worked so hard, they got done in a single day. Another company came two days later and installed all the gutters. Ramiro came back that evening to re-check everything, make sure I was happy, and THEN collect a check. He is very obviously more interested in making happy customers, than getting paid. I know that I was only charged for 30 sheets of plywood, when 47 were replaced. I know of multiple item they fixed for no additional charge. I am sure there are other things I don’t even know about that were done properly. I know I got a very high quality job done, and don’t need to worry about anything. If I had any issue, I guarantee that I could call Ramiro any time (day/night) and he would be here ASAP. I almost hate to say this, but he will actually provide you with MORE service than you should ask for. Go to their website, (rqroofing.com) and read the paragraphs on their homepage. It may sound a bit generic, and standard fake customer service BS.After they finished the job, I read it and realized that this is actually how they operate. It’s not fluff, it’s how they run their business. I have never encountered a more thorough company, they will take care of you if you let them. They plainly just got the job done… well. I paid the estimated price plus 30 sheets of plywood. No added charges of any kind. My review may sound a bit optimistic, but that’s the service I received. I did not know Ramiro or anyone at RQ Roofing until about 2 weeks ago. If you are considering any roof work, you would be missing a golden opportunity if you chose anyone else. Although I’m sure they did such a great job and I will never need any more work from them for the next 10/15/20 years, they act as though they want a repeat customer. I just wish Ramiro would open an auto repair shop which I could frequent more often. If you would like a personal reference, or have any questions, call them and ask them for my phone number. I will be happy to verify this with you. Or email me at jkbrushaber@yahoo.com. Sincerely, Kevin Brushaber.”

“They exceeded my expectations. They were rated so highly by so many Angie’s List folks even though they didn’t have a big presence in the phone book. Their estimate was so much less than the large companies and I preferred to give my business to a smaller business without all the overhead. Mr Rodriguez went out of his way to meet with the adjuster to plead my case and I got everything I wanted. The 25 year shingles I ordered hadn’t come in when expected so instead of making me wait for them, he gave me lifetime shingles at the same price. Wow! I loved how he educated me on how they hand nail their shingles as opposed to the staples I had or the common nail guns that don’t hold as well. Even the workers engaged me to come and see the extent of the damage they were repairing. It’s one thing for the owner to be helpful like that but when the workers do it, you know they’ve been well trained. It was a complex roof job and they still got it done in a day and a half. After day one, they covered and secured every open space just in case it rained. Angies List members were truly worth trusting on this one. I highly recommend RQ Roofing.”

Ramiro and his crew did an outstanding job on our roof and insulation! They worked almost non-stop, from 7 am until it became too dark to finish on the first day, then arrived promptly the next to finish the job. We hired them to replace our roof, which they did expertly, but when Ramiro noticed we had a garage full of insulation, he offered to install that as well (for under $200!). We are thrilled with how great our roof looks from the street and have received many compliments from our neighbors. Ramiro and his workers hand nail their shingles, so they are more durable and less likely to fly off in strong winds. He is extremely fair with his pricing, and was willing to work with us and our insurance company. We will recommend RQ Roofing to our friends and family in the future.

I must admit, I was skeptical. We called about six different companies to give us estimates on a new roof. I quickly learned that every roofer has their own opinion. Evaluations and estimates were all over the board. Make sure you get more than one, regardless of who you go with. RQ Roofing was prompt and accessible. There estimate was fair and their evaluation of the roof was good. Ramiro was easy to work with. So much so, that I thought he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Then we started the job and to my surprise (and delight), he delivered on everything he promised. We’ve dealt with several contractors since we purchased our house and he was the best. Period. I believe that RQ Roofing really tried to help me make the most cost effective choices. They explained to me the differences and steered me toward higher quality materials when appropriate, and show me how we could save money on other items. The RQ Roofing crew finished our job in just one day. That was ahead of schedule and faster than I think any other company would have done. These folks know their stuff. They are experts who do nothing but roofing and they do it right. I for one was impressed, and so were some of the other contractors who were working on our house at the time. A couple of things did pop up during the work. When they did, I was quickly informed and the obstacles were overcome. Communication during the job was excellent. I should also mention that they took care of a few extra items that would have cost me hundreds more, if I had to hire other contractors to do them. These were beyond the scope of the estimate, and saved me money and time. It’s clear to me that this company takes pride in the work they do, and it shows not only in the quality of the product they deliver, but also in their customer service. I wish more companies would operate with the same standards.”

RQ Roofing was very responsive. Returned our calls the same day. The estimate was very clear. We understood that the price would vary depending on the number of boards they had to replace. My husband and I chose the shingles that morning, watched them get started and left for work. We came home to a new, very trim-looking garage roof. Really good clean-up. Didn’t hurt our neighbor’s plants that he has next to our garage. Ramiro met us later for payment. He showed us photos on his camera of the work they did and showed the rotted boards they replaced. I thought that was a nice touch.”

“There was a small piece of roof missing on my duplex. I called my insurance and they offered ~$700 for the repair. I contacted a couple of roofers after reading their reviews on Angie’s list. Ramiro from RQ Roofing came out promptly and looked at the damage. He found a lot of additional hail and wind damage and wrote an estimate to replace most of the roof, totaling ~$8000. He worked quickly to tarp up the roof so I would not have any additional leakage. He also offered to speak to the insurance company, if they had any issues with his estimate. The insurance actually re-assessed the roof and agreed to the estimate. Once the insurance (finally) gave their o.k. Ramiro brought a large crew of workers the next day and they finished the whole roof. He upgraded the shingles for free and I went up to survey the work, they did an excellent job. Ramiro explained everything to me and why things were done a certain way etc. They also cleaned up well after themselves, no mess left behind. The entire time Ramiro was courteous, professional, reliable and timely. He generously offered his help, but never was pushy. All the work was done very well and quickly. I highly recommend RQ Roofing Quality Roofing and should I ever need additional roofing work I will certainly call them back without hesitation.”

“I took several quotes for a complete roof replacement. RQ Roofing’s quote was 20% cheaper and much more thorough and detailed.. When I interviewed, the owner, Mr. Rodriguez, and asked about a few extras, he said there would be no charge. While at the house, not only did Mr. R’s team complete the work in no time to the highest standard, his men also helped me with a number of tasks requiring heavy labor at no charge. Every detail was attended to absolutely professionally. Mr. R appears an entirely trustworthy individual.”

“Overall, it was painless. They came to give an estimate within an hour of calling and were able to begin the work the next day. When the plan for fixing the problem changed, they were willing to be flexible and very reasonable about the adjustment in price. The crew was respectful, clean and efficient. Work was completed in 1 day. I would highly recommend this company.”

We had a very positive experience with RQ Roofing from the very beginning until the job was done. Many other roofers would not even come to give an estimate, and one that did tried to rip us off by telling us we needed the entire roof torn off and replaced, for $9,500! RQ Roofing gave us an estimate within a few days of initial contact. Once we told them we wanted them to do the roof, they came out as soon as the weather permitted. I was shown how bad some areas of the previous job were, and why it had been leaking. When complete, the roof looked great, all of the flashing was done very well, and some extra stuff was done at no additional cost. I heartily recommend RQ Roofing, and thanks to Angie’s List for helping us find them.”

Romero Rodriguez (the owner) is extremely polite and professional, and bent over backwards to please us. He was recommended to us by a landlord who had used him many times, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his service and his work.
Romero came in with a crew of 6-7, all of whom were Hispanic and who seemed to know each other well and know exactly what they were doing. He told me they were all long-time friends- so there weren’t any subcontractors- and he worked side-by-side with them.
The job was done very quickly (2 days) and cleanup was excellent. I always recommend getting at least 3 bids, but would definitely recommend RQ Roofing.”

Working with Ramiro was great. He was extremely responsive from the time of the first estimate and with all my follow up questions. His estimate was about 10% lower than the other estimate I received. I did not seek additional estimates as I was referred to Ramiro. One might be concerned with getting nickel and dimed to death by a contractor giving a low estimate, but the contrary was the case. I actually received more than I bargained for. For instance, when Ramiro removed the shingles and found the rotted wood (which he promptly had me come up to see) he actually reduced the cost for the plywood (Note: I indicate that the final cost was higher than estimated because of the need to replace the plywood; however, the cost was less if you consider that he reduced his charge per sheet of plywood from the original estimate). His original estimate for plywood had already been about half of what I had been given by the other contractor, so this was a very generous offer. Ramiro and his crew then proceeded to finish the job in one day, which impressed the heck out of our neighbors. He brings a large crew and everyone seems to know what they need to do and they just get on with it. In addition to his promised work, Ramiro also installed diverters at no extra charge and also installed gutter guards. He originally told me that he would just charge me the cost of the gutter guards but nothing to install them (which is not a significant effort) but he did not even charge me for the gutter guards. Perhaps what speaks most clearly to what you get with Ramiro is what happened after the job was done and paid for. Because the TV Antenna tripod was rotted I needed to purchase a new tripod and antenna. Ramiro returned a couple of weeks after completing the job to assist with this. And then he came back a month later to help install a new grounding wire once I had done some preparatory work (and also added another diverter he had forgotten to install initially). Ramiro was always very courteous, clear and responsive and willing to do whatever was necessary to satisfy our needs. He was highly recommended to me when I checked his references, and I recommend him highly as well.”

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